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K. Knipscheer: Family Care in Europe


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Presented at
Annual Meeting GSA, San Francisco, 16-20 November, 2007
- Presidential symposium, November 18, 2007
Kees Knipscheer - Faculty of Social Sciences / AOWscope - VU University Amsterdam
(with great acknowledgement to the SHARE and EUROFAMCARE studies: Börsch-Supon et al, Lamura et al)

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From the American point of view Europe may look like a small homogeneous continent with a very dense population and a luxury Welfare State. However, talking about Europe is talking about diversity. Europe has an enormous wealth in its diversity of cultures, histories and policy approaches. More then any other continent, Europe is blessed with large cultural, historical and political differences even within small distances. Comparing countries and regions to simply observe how these differences have shaped the behaviour of the European citizens is a fascinating task. In this contribution I will try to show some of these differences in ageing and family care for the elderly, it is talking about the European mosaic in long-term care for older people.

A. Historical diversity and common background

B. Common changes in diverse contexts

Pictures (see pp-presentation)

  • family changes
  • changes in norms and values
  • changes in the Welfare State

C. Actual Family Care: continuity and diversity.

D. Support services for family carers

E. Sustainability of the Welfare State in Elderly Care in EU countries

Literature / Documents

Here for the whole article / here for download of the whole article